Everything new in iOS 15 Memories

Everything new in iOS 15 Memories

In June, Apple introduced us to the latest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 15, which is set to be released towards the end of this year. Apply has been busy with iOS 15 as it tries to stay ahead of the competition. It comes jam-packed with a lot of new features.

Memories has had a huge overhaul. Let's take a look!

Memories in Photos

The Memories section in your Photos app has had a little revamp. Making it easier to keep the memories you care about in front and show less of what you don't want to.

Memories also include new animated cards and a general refresh on the UI. The new animations and transition styles can create beautiful collages and give you a real cinematic feel.

Memories now include Apple Music Integration

Although Memories already supports integrated music, when creating and viewing memories all Apple Music subscribers now get full access to add any Apple Music song to their memory.

This allows some real fine-tuning of memories and makes it easier to put together your holiday photos for a small presentation for your family. Pretty neat!

Expertly curated song sets combine your music tastes and listening history with photo and video content to create recommendations just for you. Or if you have the perfect jam in mind, you can choose your own song.

Multiple new memory types

Apple has really taken into consideration that there are different types of events we experience throughout our life. Some we cherish, some we don't like.

The new memory types are International Holidays, child-focused memories (which expand across multiple events with a child), trends over time, and your pet memories also got a boost!

See Less

You can now select "See This Person Less" so those terrible people you built memories with? Gone! This option also works for dates, specific places, and holidays.

Watch Next

Keep the memories rolling! Now at the end of memories, you will be presented the option to keep watching based on generated suggestions.

Keep reading. We're as excited as you are. Over the next few days we will be posting more about the iOS 15 updates.

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