About Us

Hello World! Who are we? We’re TechGeek (or TG for short).

We are a blog/website/not-a-clone-of-The-Verge covering all things technology, gaming and geek culture (plus everything in between). We’re a bit different to all the other blogs out there, covering sometimes things that the more established players don’t cover. Other times, we provide a different perspective. Often that is a rant, but a different perspective nevertheless.

Started way back in 2007 by Terence Huynh and Stewart Wilson, we have grown to have a number of contributors writing their unique views on a particular topic. (It also goes to explain why there isn’t any coverage of Call of Duty by any of our gaming writers – they’re huge Halo fans)

Also, we’re not ginger. Like the Doctor – we’re sad.


Can I have/use your theme?

You will be surprised how many times we get asked this question.

The short answer is no.

The long answer is that this theme was created by us, for us only. While we do appreciate the fact that you love our design – either because it looks like The Verge, Polygon, Engadget, Technology Spectator, Gizmodo Australia, Ausdroid, Android Australia, CNET, TechCrunch, the Next Web, Delimiter, BGR, All Things D, Wired, or any other tech blog that you wish to emulate (some of them might be lies); or because it actually does look pretty darn good – we wish for it to remain for us.

Can I republish/translate your work?

Unless you have permission to do so, do not republish or translate our work. However, you may link to the post, or republish a small portion (and a reasonable portion – don’t use the entire text except for one word and call that an “excerpt”). If you do wish to republish our work, do contact us and we can arrange something.

I would like to complain about the swearing on TECHGEEK Weekly.

While I understand you object to the use of swearing on our podcast/s, it is part of our common language. As Stephen Fry notes, “Swearing is a really important part of one’s life.” If you want a longer rant about this – see this video by Mr. Fry himself. Plus, we do find it a bit therapeutic.

We do have another podcast where there is no swearing – it’s called The Briefing. You might like it.

I got some news. Who should I contact?

You can send all news tips to any one of our people above, or through our dedicated tips line at tips (at) techgeek.com.au. We are happy to provide anonymity if you request it.

I found a bug. What should I do?

Thanks for that – we can’t test it on every single system out there. Send us screenshots, how it happen, your browser and your OS or mobile device to Terence Huynh (see above for contact details).

I work as a link development/SEO manager for (insert company here) and I would like that both my sites and yours to gain more traffic…

Please do not contact us. If we want to help our SEO – then we will contact you, not the other way round.

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