New handheld game system Playdate taking preorders

New handheld game system Playdate taking preorders

Panic, an Oregon company known for award-winning apps on Apple's iPhones, iPads, and Macs, revved into gear it's pre-orders for their Playdate handheld gaming system today.

Originally Panic had just 20,000 Playdate systems available for preorder to ship in late 2021, but those sold out rather quickly and orders being placed now will only ship out in 2022.

Priced at $179, the Playdate is a pocket-sized gaming system that has something you've probably not experience before. It features a black and white display, bright yellow chassis, a standard d-pad, A+B buttons, and a very unique crank on the side that serves as a flip-out rotational controller. It seems a bit weird at first, but it's actually very cool.

The crank-able gaming system will feature pre-installed games from developers like Zach Gage (SpellTower, TypeShift), Shaun Inman (The Last Rocket, Retro Game Crunch), Bennett Foddy (QWOP, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy), and Keita Takahashi (Alphabet, Wattam).

The Playdate comes equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a USB-C port for charging, and a headphone jack. We can expect more games to be released after launch!

We've pre-ordered it, and you can as well from the shop.

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