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Ever considered yourself an expert in whatever you do? Are you very opinionated in every matter? Or simply want to write? Great News. techgeek.com.au is looking for guest writers and columnists – giving you a massive audience for your work.

Please note: example works must be submitted – at maximum 3. If you are not a published author or they are not on the web, please upload a PDF of the example works to Dropbox or some other file hosting service and send the hyperlink. Alternatively, you can create a Tumblr or Posterous blog and use that to host your example works.


  • Guest writers are unpaid. Guest writers also have the opportunity to write more than one post at any stage.
  • Work must be original, not found anywhere else on the web or any publication.
  • Posts cannot contain any promotional material. Instead, promotional material will be given via an extended author bio and a credit byline on the post.
  • We will ignore all requests if we suspect that the person is using the site for SEO purposes to increase sites not affiliated with them.
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