We don't do subscriptions

This article is provided as advice only, do your own research first!

Recently we have had an influx of messages about subscriptions and cancelling them.

If your bank statement has any of the following, this may help you:


Currently, TechGeek does not offer subscriptions. If we did, we wouldn't make it so hard to unsubscribe, we're not cruel!

In the mix of some interesting (and sometime abusive!) messages from people we've had a few that have helped us out. We've already helped many people, so hopefuly this helps you.

Heres what you need to do.

Step 1: Contact your bank

Contact your bank and let them know about the fraudulent charge. You can organise a charge back this way.

A business is required to send you a receipt. If you did not get one indicating the charge, we have some red flags here!

Step 2: Submit a complaint as necessary

If the company that has scammed you is in Australia, make a report here:

If the company that has scammed you is outside of Australia, make a report here:

Step 3: Where did you subscribe?

Heres what we've found so far:

  • JustAnswer
    Appears to be billing cards as "TECH-GEEK" - you should try contacting them directly to cancel the subscription and request a refund for misleading/unlawful

    Just take a look at some of their 1-3 star reviews, theres over a thousand people complaining - it's not just you that finds this scammy!

Please go through your card purchases and try to see if it links up to a receipt of the same amount.

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