Version History

The following page is to give an outline on what changes have been made to the site, so you can be kept in the loop of new changes to the site, and what has been removed.


Version 1.0.3 – 26 July 2013

  • Added: CHANGELOG has been seperated from style.css and into its own seperate file. This will make it easier to keep track of the version history.
  • Added: Minified (via YUI Compressor) version of the stylesheet. This is done manually, and as such any change to the stylesheet must be done internally (i.e. not through WP-Admin) then recompressed. Investigating a way to do this automatically.
  • Added: Not necessarily part of Euphoria, but added Gzip compression via mod_deflate. This will hopefully make page loading times faster (of course, there are other components such as databases). This also allows for minified stylesheet to be loaded much faster.
  • Added: New colour boxes for NFW. Added black background option (called by clr000), and added transparency options (of 30%, 50% and 70% transparency – all activated by adding at the end t30/t50/t700.
  • Reorg: NFW stylesheets moved up in the CSS stylesheet.
  • Change: Moved Bootstrap CSS and Google Font external CSS to the header, not through @import on style.css.
  • Change: Increased Must Read number of posts displayed from 4 to 5.
  • Change: Made NFW quotes match existing blog style for consistency. Font size has been increased.
  • Change: Updated Google Analytics code to the new version.

Version 1.0.2 – 13 July 2013

  • Bugfix: Fixed Lumia 920 bug (spotted by @swilsonalfa). This bug has been identified as an IE10 bug on Windows Phone 8. In the meantime, the site will use the bugfix method suggested by Microsoft’s Rey Bango (via Tim Kadlec) until this is fixed eventually. The bugfix reduces the viewport width to 320px.
  • Added: Home link in the navigation menu when reduced to tablet/mobile sizes (thanks @cjschris)
  • Change: Social links are now using Entypo fonts (via Fontello) – added benefit is that it loads a tad faster given the font file would have already been loaded because it is necessary for the header.
  • Change: TechGeeek logo is now retina (Pwnage/Gadgetlyst logos to follow soon) – suggested by @Shaun_R
  • Change: Reduced mobile body padding to 10px from 16px – in order to accommodate those viewing the website on older iPhone and iPod touch models (4S and below, or fourth-gen or below respectively)
  • Known Issue: Some bug is causing Chrome to go to tablet size, as opposed to desktop size (spotted by @harrytuckerr). Investigating bug.
  • Known Issue: Mobile comments on iOS may perform “weird glitchy zoom thing”. Unsure, possibly related to Disqus. Investigating bug (spotted by @Shaun_R)

Version 1.0.1 – 11 July 2013

  • Bugfix: Fixed menu to make links accessible when using device on a touch screen.
  • Bugfix: Fixed editor-style.css to use Open Sans font. Also added some padding to make it more comfortable to write with.
  • Bugfix: Forgot to add links to footer. Now added.
  • Change: Changed the size of featured posts on screens under 480px so you can see a ‘preview’ of the next slide (also handy for dragging the scroller).
  • Added: New advertising code from both Google (asynchronous version – in beta) and the new video unit from Boom Video (local advertising partner)

Version 1.0.0 – 11 July 2013

  • BRAND NEW THEME: Euphoria has been designed to suit both mobile and desktop screens thanks to responsive web design. Everything has been made to ensure that it works on all screens – though any bugs should be reported to the site.
  • We will try and keep the changelog updated!
  • Known Issues: The site does not include any retina logo support, and this will be added on a later date. Known issues include Windows Phone 8 not supporting the sliders – again, this is being investigated for a fix. If you do have suggestions, please do help us!
  • Change: Apple has been incorporated into the Gadgets section (URI remains the same).
  • Change: This release also includes a brand new full-width template and API. Legacy code has been included in this design. All feature articles will be converted to the brand new design – and once done, all legacy code will be removed.
  • Change: Internal posts have been updated. Deprecated is “minipost” and “full-width” (please use “nfw” or “nfw-bg”). Added is “mustread”.
  • Change: Thumbnails are exclusively done through WordPress. There is no longer the PHP code to capture the first image.
  • Change: The font has been changed to use Open Sans. Headings are still in Bitter, and are still through Google Web Fonts.
  • Dropped: The WordPress core navigation has been dumped in favour of hardcoded navigation. Old for CES and the Holiday Gift Guide have been dropped.
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