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Support Us

Why help us?

The site is being funded entirely out of our very own pocket, and as we turn 12, we all want the site to become successful and self-sufficient. And while advertising is able to cushion the payments, it is not enough for expansion. However, we are in a huge conundrum. We purposely put a minimum amount of advertising – all on the sidebar. 

And that is why we need your help, our dear readers. We want to continue providing our content for free – Our news, analysis, reviews and tips – such as the examples below, all published within last year.

What can I do to help?

One easy way to help to continue is to give a small donation of what you can muster – even as small as $1. The money will be used to pay for hosting, domains and equipment to aid us in making the site even better. And you can do this via two different methods: through PayPal or through Patreon.


Donate via PayPal one off, or reoccurring. PayPal will take a cut of the donation – please take that into consideration!

Donate on PayPal


Support us via Patreon to receive our merchandise pack and regular exclusive content just for you.

Become a Patron!

Another way you can help is to advertise on the site. We have four 125×125 ad spots open and they are $25 for a 30 day placement – that is 83c per day. They are pretty cheap, and we will also put a discount if you pay upfront for a long amount of time. So if you have a website, band, product or even service you would like to advertise without blowing a hole in your budget, contact us to advertise on our site.

Spread the Love

Whenever you get the chance, spread the name Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on the latest news, opinions, reviews, tips, lists, and other goodies coming from our editors. Just tell your friends to also do the same – or even better, retweet, like or share a post from to them. I suggest sharing the above posts to get them started.

As well, if you have a news tip – find something interesting on the web, or even know something (even if it is tedious) – send it to us. You can send it, even anonymously, to tips (!at) We will maintain your anonymity.

We love our readers so much, but our future is pretty much dependent on how many people read our content. So, show your love and spread the word. We want 2019, and our twelfth anniversary, as something that we will never forget

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