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The following post that you seen previously in order to get to this page was a sponsored post. And to increase a bit of transparency, we decided to put in this disclaimer of what we deemed to be a “sponsored post”.

Defined in our editorial guidelines:

 “Sponsored Posts” are published by TECHGEEK.com.au in order to allow articles written by PR companies to be published at a price.

TECHGEEK.com.au, and its editors, do not write the articles. These are written by the client or their press relations agency. All sponsored posts do not reflect an endorsement or rejection of a client or a client’s rivals by TECHGEEK.com.au. Editors are free to endorse the client, and any endorsement outside of the sponsored tag is not financially motivated, paid for by the company and is simply a person suggesting a products.

Any links in the article are assumed to be safe to click on, and TECHGEEK.com.au does not take any responsibility for any problems that occurred when clicking on a link.

For more information, please contact us.

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