Zane Lowe moving on from BBC Radio to work with Apple

Zane Lowe moving on from BBC Radio to work with Apple

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After ten years at BBC Radio, world-renowned talent Zane Lowe, who has been the face of BBC Radio 1’s award-winning New Music Show, is moving on. And the strangest thing of all? Like a few other recent tech/music hires, it’s towards tech giant Apple rather than another traditional radio creator.

New Zealand-born Zowe, who was also just recently nominated for a GRAMMY Award thanks to his role in writing and produce Sam Smith’s blockbuster album, “In The Lonely Hour”, will likely be working on a UK launch for Apple’s dated iTunes Radio project.

Another possible place for Lowe within Apple will be working on their new subscription music service, which, as Billboard reports, is an effort to make Apple a more consuming force in the music industry. As an industry insider stated, Apple wants to “be the music business” and acquiring his name and talent could prove fruitful in such an endeavour.

In a comment following the announcement, Lowe told the BBC that “I want to thank everyone at Radio 1 for their support and friendship. The station has allowed me to share incredible music with the country’s best music fans.”

Hopefully Apple’s next music project won’t be as redundant as their last, for the sake of properly utilising Lowe’s talent alone.


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