YouTube quietly rolls out new design - ditches left-aligned look

YouTube quietly rolls out new design - ditches left-aligned look

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It appears that it wasn’t just YouTube comments that were changing, the entire site might be as well. YouTube has quietly rolled out an update to its design – and, it appears that it fixes some of the complaints that people had with the current design, rolled out last year to negative publicity.

It appears that the update has been rolled out to some users – I got the design personally, but many of my colleagues and friends have not.

Many of the user complaints centered around two things: it was now harder for users to see the latest uploaded videos from their subscriptions; and – to those who have a screen resolution higher than 1366 x 728 – aligning everything to the left of the screen. Both of the complaints have been addressed in this latest update.

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Getting access to the latest uploads from your subscriptions is much more easier when you click on YouTube’s home page. All you need to do is click the “My Subscriptions” tab at the top of the page (you can also find the link under the “Guide”) – and that’s it. By default, it will go to “My Uploads”, with you having the option to click on “All Activity”.

It’s still not the same as having it the first thing you see when you go to YouTube, but at least it now takes one click and is more prominent on the home page.

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Another change is that YouTube will ditch the left-aligned look. It will go back to being in the middle of the screen – like most websites these days. It has been always suspected that YouTube went left-aligned was because of Google+ – but since Google+ itself is no longer left-aligned, it was a matter of time before YouTube went back to being centred on the page since it was a massive pain to those who had larger monitors.

Some other changes include the introduction of another bar that will stick to the top of the page when you scroll down, and will include one-click access to the “Guide”, Settings and its upload page; and some minor cosmetic changes.

We’re not entirely sure about the timeline when it will roll out to everyone, but do tell us if you have the new look and if you like it or not. I can’t be the only one to have received this, right?

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