Your Red Ring of Death alternative - shutting down

Your Red Ring of Death alternative - shutting down

When we heard that there will be no red ring of deaths, we thought OMG! That was before we realised, how the hell are they going to show any errors? A green light won’t be sufficient enough. Don’t worry, Microsoft has got a solution to fix that – simply by shutting down.

Since one of the main causes of the red ring of death is poor ventilation, as our previous editor Sean has pointed out before (and provided some tips on how to prevent it – though, that was written in 2008), Microsoft has put in a shut down sequence when it finds itself with insufficient ventilation. The idea here, according to Destructoid, is to increase the lifespan of the console – and who can blame them.

Don’t worry, you will be able to switch it back on again after the power light stops flashing.

However, it will be very annoying when you just got to the next stage without saving. Plus, constantly shutting down would reflect badly on Microsoft – as it means that nothing was done to fix the problem that has plagued so many Xbox 360s before.

Source: NeoGAF

Is this a good alternative to the Red Ring of Death? Will it be annoying as UAC in Vista? Comment! We do want to hear from you!

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