You need Google Keep for iPhone in your life

You need Google Keep for iPhone in your life

keepThere’s seriously only one app that gives me Android envy, and it’s now officially available on iPhone and iPad.

Launched as a super simple, underrated reminders app, Google Keep is exactly what I want from a Notes app.

With simple filing systems, like applying colours and tags to notes and reminders, Google Keep is almost like a minimalistic version of Evernote. Even better, real-time sync features similar to those found in Docs means, unlike Evernote, you’ll never have to worry about sync conflicts or lost notes. Plus the free Chrome app is just good enough for me to not worry too much about a native desktop client.

This all isn’t to say Keep is as fully featured as other notetaking apps. Evernote’s tag system is still far superior to Keep’s, and there aren’t too many ways to extend Keep. Although mixed with other Google apps I think that’s perfectly fine.

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