You can already customise your PlayStation 5 skin

You can already customise  your PlayStation 5 skin

Less than a day after Sony announced its 20 new games and showed off the brand new design of the PlayStation 5, skin manufacturer dbrand has started offering a range of colourful alternatives to the sleek black and white look for pre-order.

Heres how dbrand announced it.

Smooooth dbrand… smooth, well done!

Offering Unexpected Protection

A company like dbrand comes with fantastic comedy and entertainment built into its website.

You’re several hours deep into an intense gaming session on your shiny new PlayStation 5. The internet’s just gone out. You yell at your mom to reset the router. Without hesitation, she hits the reset button on your console. All that progress, lost. This could have been avoided. How? Easy: PlayStation 5 skins.

dbrand > Premium Materials

Unlimited Customisation is not a joke

With options for the left, middle, right, and base of your PlayStation, oh and the controller you have a lot of options.

There are already 30 options for the colour of your controller, and the damn thing isn’t even out.

You can start customising now on dbrands website.

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