Yep, PAX Australia is coming to Melbourne

Yep, PAX Australia is coming to Melbourne

Well, we already saw the rumours. And now they have been confirmed. The Australian version of the popular Penny Arcade Expo will be held in Melbourne at the Melbourne Showgrounds between 19th and 21st July. And registration has already started.

Ticket prices are currently $45 for one day, and $115 for all three days. There is also a ‘Bring Your Own Computer’ Ticket, where you can reserve a spot to place your computer and leave it for all three days of the convention – and that will cost $175. Prices increase to $50 for one day, $125 for all three days and $185 for the BYOC tickets from May 1 next year, and walk-up prices are $55, $130 and $190 respectively.

You can register your tickets at PAX Australia’s registration form.

(And you can obviously tell, I’m trying to resist my temptation to say ‘suck it!’ to the team in Wollongong)

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