Yahoo7 reveals most searched queries - planking, Royal Wedding dominate top 10

Yahoo7 reveals most searched queries - planking, Royal Wedding dominate top 10

Yahoo7 has revealed its 2011 search results and with no surprises. The year was dominated with natural disasters, the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, and the internet fad known as planking.

While the Queensland floods and Cyclone Yasi topped the search results, the Christchurch and Japanese natural disasters also were the top 5 results. The Royal Wedding came in number two, with Yahoo7 combining both the results of the royal couple and Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton, who gained attention because of her derrière.

Celebrities also dominated the list, taking the 3 of the top 10 places with Scarlett Johansson (4th), Christina Hendricks (6th) and Amy Winehouse (8th). However, in the monthly results, Miranda Kerr topped July’s results because of her pregnancy; while Kim Kardashian’s short-lived marriage and her quick exit from the country saw her name topping the results in December.

In sport: AFL and NRL (Yahoo7 combined both results) managed to score 7th place. June saw the St. Kilda Schoolgirl, also known as Kim Duthie, topping the results after she made allegations against AFL players manager Ricky Nixon, and her interview on the 7PM Project where she said off-camera, “I can tell already that you know – that everything I’ve just said I’ve lied about.” The Australian Open, Tour De France and US Open also scored high placings in monthly results.

Closing the top 10 list for 2011 was Planking (9th) and the London Riots (10th). Planking also was the second-highest topic in May because of a reported death and surrounding controversy of the trend in general.


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