Yahoo to test new, more “open” homepage

Yahoo to test new, more “open” homepage


Yahoo has begun offering some of its users into a brand new design that hopes to increase the number of users who use the service, and will start by making the site more open to many different services – including those from external sources.

The new design features a “dashboard” that will report any activity that is linked to your account, like Flickr, Yahoo! Mail and eBay. As well, it will allow you to see what emails have arrived from your Yahoo! Mail, AOL and GMail accounts. The new design is also more slimmer, with one portion of the site devoted to featured content, and below that: news stories.

The right hand side will list all of its services, and the search bar is now aligned to the logo. Users, however, are randomly selected to test out the service, and you cannot sign up to see the test page – this is to make sure it can get an accurate response from those who are testing it.

Image: Yahoo

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