Xiaomi's new robot dog wants to take on Boston Dynamics

Xiaomi's new robot dog wants to take on Boston Dynamics

At the end of Xiaomi's tech launch event for the Mi Pad 5, and Mi Mix 4 everyone was expecting them to announce something dramatic like a car, instead, we got an introduction to CyberDog, an open-source quadruped robot which is intended for developers to “build upon” and create apps for.

The programmable dog includes NVIDIA’s Jetson Xavier NX, a form of chip designed for AI autonomous creatures - it was developed alongside Intel which assisted in a depth-sensing module to avoid obstacles. It weighs just 3kg, has a 3.2 meter-per-second max speed, listens with 6 microphones, uses motors with a 32nm maximum torque, is topped with a large array of camera and imaging sensors, built-in GPS, and even has 128GB on-board storage.

Our new friend the CyberDog gave a performance which included a few tricks, like slowly rotating to view who was talking, a jiggle effect to mimic a dog shaking off water, getting up on its legs and clapping, and the all-famous backflip.

Check out this introduction video:

The Xiaomi Cyberdog, is going on sale in China soon for CNY 9,999 (about USD$1,500, £1,100, AU$2,100), quite a competitive price compare to Boston Dynamic’s Spot robot dog which costs around USD $74,500 (around £63,360, AU $125,000).

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