Xbox Signs Deal With Hollywood

The people at Microsoft have decided that they would expand the range of choice of things to do by hiring famous Hollywood producer, one “Mr Safran” in a hope that it would bring in more people onto xbox live and to give those already a new dimension of how to use there Xbox.

There is currently 10 million people currently playing on Xbox live with 18 Million consoles sold through out the world. This will be a big step for Microsoft as they look to take a leap in front of the other gaming giant Sony and Nintendo.

The Producer has been signed first and fore most to produce short 10 minute stories looking to target gamers interests like comedy and the ever growing genre of Horror. The Producers from Safran Company are looking to sign big filmmakers with the likes of Spielberg and Lucas thrown into the mix. Although they have said that they aren’t expecting big name actors.

The one downside is that this will of course cost, and will be through microsoft points, the idea looks to go through in americas autumn our spring

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