Xbox One Damage Control: What Microsoft needs to do

Xbox One Damage Control: What Microsoft needs to do

Xbox One image 1Microsoft’s Xbox One seems to be taking a huge hit when it comes to the popularity of their console especially following the Sony Conference but let’s just stop and think for a second about what exactly is happening before we rush into fanboy rants and assumptions about the next-gen consoles.

The way Microsoft has been dealing with its policies is probably the saddest thing of all. They have talked and introduced policies such as their :

  • DRM (connect to the internet every 24 hours)
  • Sharing games to only one other person who needs to be on your friend’s list for more than 30 days
  • Trading games being an optional extra for non-Microsoft Studio publishers (who can add their own terms)

But not once have they appeased their fans effectively and addressed the reasoning and issues behind these policies. Something Sony did very effectively was dispel any rumors about these issues. They were clear and precise and it was refreshing to see them be so open about their policies without any possible jargon to confuse us or cause any speculation. THIS is what Microsoft need to do! They need to address the reasons for these policies and tell GAMERS why they have implemented them. 

Until they directly address these issues gamers are going to be focusing so much on the console and not on the lineup of exclusive games (for which there are many) and other features like dedicated servers and cloud sharing capability.


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