Xbox 360 gets price drop - Kinect for $149, 4GB model for $199

Xbox 360 gets price drop - Kinect for $149, 4GB model for $199

The new 4GB model with Kinect costs $299 – the same price point in the US

Microsoft Australia has announced that the Xbox 360 will get a significant price drop from tomorrow. The new price of the Xbox 360 4GB model without the Kinect will be now $199 (from $249), while the one with the Kinect will be now $299 (from $399).

The most significant cut, however, comes to the 250GB Xbox 360 model. That has been reduced to $299 from $449 – a $150 price reduction. Also announced was that existing limited edition consoles will now be $399, and the standalone Kinect will also get a price drop from $199 to $149.

The price cut comes just in time the holiday shopping season – but what is also significant is that the new console pricingmatches the American pricing. Why? Well, with many Australians questioning why they are being charged more despite the Australian dollar being above parity with the American dollar – even sparking an inquiry in Parliament – it goes to show that pressure from consumers (and probably the overall retail environment) are getting companies to act.

Will the new prices make you want to get an Xbox 360? Or are you going to sit back and wait for the much rumoured next-generation upgrade?

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