World's First Robot Restaurant Complex, where the robots cook for you.

World's First Robot Restaurant Complex, where the robots cook for you.

Just this week, the first robot restaurant complex at Shunde, a city in China’s Guangdong province. (Yeah, we’ve started planning our next trip..) Built by a subsidiary of Country Garden, Qianxi, the incredible robo-restaurant army is powered by the latest in advanced technologies to deliver meals in seconds. But wait until you see how cute they look!

Handled by a group of more than 20 in-house robot chefs, meals are delivered in as little as 20 seconds and supports a huge variety of food, not just Chinese cuisine, but clay-pot rice, noodle shops, and fast food for all the burger fans.

In the 2,000 square meter restaurant space, of what feels like a beautiful robo-paradise, sprouting pink colours and metallic vibes, you will find that over 600 diners can be served at one time. This new style of dining is seen to be a pretty good solution to the current world situation where this robot-run restaurant reduces human-to-human contact in all aspects.

The Qianxi robot restaurant has innovatively achieved both software-hardware integration and man-machine cooperation. It helps to better run a smooth operation through the practical application of robots

Zhao Chunsheng
Mechanical engineering specialist and academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences

So, robots will replace traditional restaurants?

With robots creeping in at all sectors, it seems like we’re pushing people out of work, from building electronics, to chopping trees, but I disagree with a full replacement. My opinion is that you will always find people preferring “the restaurant experience” and those that prefer it would pay the premium too. That personal touch of human interaction is something we enjoy.

Should burgers at McDonalds be replaced by robots? Well, that doesn’t sound financially great for them – yet – but perhaps, should they want the true “fast food” experience, it would make sense. The world is changing, so we have to keep up.

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