Windows XP, Vista and 7 get cheap upgrade to Windows 8 Pro

Windows XP, Vista and 7 get cheap upgrade to Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft has revealed the upgrade path for those on previous versions – like Windows 7 and Windows Vista. You will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for only US$39.99 and Microsoft will be offering it to 131 markets (so that, assuming, will include Australia). And those on Windows XP, you will also be able to upgrade to Windows 8 using the same way, and same price.

The software will be available as an ISO file or can be installed on a USB to boot from. However, if you want to get a physical copy to upgrade – it will be $69.99.

This will begin once Windows 8 comes out, and will run until January 31, 2013.

Microsoft is also including a Upgrade Assistant that will make sure your PC is ready to install Windows 8. You can also tweak the installation by allowing what you want to keep – applications, personal files and settings; just personal files; or, nothing at all. It will also inform you of any compatibility issues with apps and devices installed.

Allowing Windows XP users to upgrade is pretty much Microsoft trying everything in its power to get everyone off the operating system. Microsoft has pretty much ended its support with most recent software made by Microsoft, and everyone else for that matter, have dropped support for XP. In addition, it isn’t releasing any more security patches unless there is a massive security risk.

However, XP still rules. And it falls down to two factors – businesses are reluctant to change to Windows 7 or, now, Windows 8 because of legacy systems (which probably should be upgraded or replaced); and piracy, mainly in Asia.

The upgrade path will probably help with businesses, not so much with the piracy.

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