Windows Vista goes red for Product(RED)

Windows Vista goes red for Product(RED)

main_01 Microsoft has announced that Windows Vista Ultimate will be a part of the PRODUCT(RED) initiative, with Amazon saying that the “Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 upgrade (Project Red Edition)” going to be on sale on December 15. Dell, who ships Windows Vista to many of its computers, already had several products with PRODUCT(RED), all of them powered with Vista.

The product’s RRP is at $219.95, and it comes with several new backgrounds, some “enhanced” gadgets, a DreamScene sequence and a “unique screen saver”. The price is cheaper if you are a college student who is looking to “make an impact”. Even though Vista is a bit plain, it is a perfect holiday gift for not only you (or a friend who wants it), but to also those who live with AIDS in Africa.

You can buy it here from Amazon, unless you’re a student – buy it here.

Source: Engadget, iStartedSomething

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