Windows Store coming to the Windows 8 Public Beta late February

Windows Store coming to the Windows 8 Public Beta late February

Microsoft definately hasn’t rested after the announcement of Windows 8 and the release of the Developer Preview, with the company revealing the Windows Store, which is an app store for Windows 8, along with a number of details and screenshots.

From late February, developers will be able to submit apps which can be priced from US$1.49 all the way to US$999. While the apps start steeper than the App Store for Mac, with no US$0.99 offering, developers will be getting a much bigger cut of the pie if their app goes well. Like other stores, Microsoft will split the money developers make from apps 70-30, meaning they get 30% of the developers revenue. But if the developer makes anything over US$25,000 then that split will go down to 80-20. Unlike other app stores, the Windows Store will allow Trial apps for free on apps where the developer wants it, which means it will expire after a certain amount of time.

Developer accounts will cost US$49 and you will only be able to submit free apps from the start, but they will soon allow paid applications. Disappointingly the store will only be for Metro applications, so nothing that currently runs on Windows 7 will be available on the store unless the developer switches to Metro.

They’ve made a highlight-reel from the conference and you can catch that below. There are also a number of screenshots which show some cool Windows 8 features.

More details will obviously come from CES 2012 in January regarding Windows 8 and the Windows Store and will be having live video and up-to-the minute coverage of the event and the rest of CES, so remember to tune in for all the news.

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