Windows Store allows paid apps, expands to new markets

Windows Store allows paid apps, expands to new markets

Microsoft has today announced several new bits of information with regards to the Windows Store that will be available on Windows 8 and Windows RT. The big news – Microsoft has now turned on the payment system for the Windows Store, allowing developers to create paid applications and in-app purchases.

This now means that companies will be able to gain some profit from making apps – especially small developers, as seen with the increase in mobile apps development and purchases in regards to iOS and Android. Developers will be charged a 30% fee for all apps purchases before reaching US$25,000 (or the equivalent in local currency), where that fee drops to 20% and is for the lifetime for the app.


Microsoft has also stressed that companies don’t need to use Microsoft’s own transaction platform, unlike Apple – where its strong policies on transactions saw the Financial Times pull its iOS app in favour for a HTML5 web app, and was far more successful. As seen in preview blog posts, media companies can handle their own transactions and eBay can integrate PayPal in their app.

The company also announced that the Windows Store has expanded to another 54 markets, allowing local developers to target only a specific market or to the global one. It also also announced another 24 languages for its app certification process, and its developer dashboard is now in another 11 languages.

Companies can now also register to submit apps for Metro – so small, or even large ones like Adobe can bring their apps to Windows RT and Windows 8. They simply register and verify, and they are set to push out their apps onto the Windows Store.

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