Windows Phone 8.1 features leaked by Developers

Windows Phone 8.1 features leaked by Developers


For those like me who hang off every piece of news about Windows Phone 8.1, you’ll be glad to know that a number of developers have leaked upcoming features about the next update to Windows Phone.  Windows Phone 8.1 (codename ‘Blue’) is the upcoming major update to the Windows Phone platform. While it is anticipated that the OS will officially be announced at Microsoft’s BUILD conference in April, Microsoft have secretly announced an SDK for special developers. Even though the developers had to sign an NDA, features of the new OS have already leaked out onto the internet – notably on Reddit.

Some of the obvious features include, the renaming of SkyDrive to OneDrive across the OS, swiping down on the multitasking page to close apps, a new HTML5 YouTube player which now plays inside the browser, easily configure Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and the ability to save applications onto the SD card.

It is interesting to note that rumoured major features like the new voice assistant called Cortana, a Siri-like feature and the Action Centre, a notification centre are missing from this build. In fact, almost all Bing features are removed or not working which shows Microsoft are trying to keep the major features under wraps.

You can find a full list of changes on the Reddit post in /r/windowsphone. Additionally, a number of screenshots have been added below. The screenshots have been taken from the Reddit post and a Twitter user, @AngelWZR who has been posting screenshots.

Source: Reddit, @AngelWZR

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