Windows Phone 7 brings new UI, Xbox LIVE integration

Windows Phone 7 brings new UI, Xbox LIVE integration

It’s official. Windows Phone 7 has been announced at Mobile World Congress – albeit, we are a bit late on the news. The phone will bring a “fresh approach to phone software, distinguished by smart design and truly integrated experiences that bring to the surface the content people care about from the Web and applications.” The version 7 is most likely to tie it in with Windows 7 for desktops and laptops.

Windows Phone 7 will now have Xbox LIVE and Zune integration on mobile phones – two of its biggest entertainment-focused brands; and will feature a brand new UI which looks heavily based on the Zune UI and has squares. For the Xbox LIVE integration, you will be able to play games on the service on the device, along with checking a gamer’s avatar and achievements. It also brings in stuff from the Zune – hoping to beat the iPhone OS as it is quickly gaining – with online music services and a built-in FM radio. Zune Social will also be present.

Business employees won’t be left out either, as the familiar Office applications will be present as well – with the addition of Onenote and SharePoint with Office Mobile on the phone. As well, an application marketplace will be added and live updates from social networks will be integrated from a central place.

Partners that have signed up include: AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Sprint, Telefonica, Telstra, Verizon and Vodafone; while Dell, HTC, HP, LG Electronics, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Qualcomm will produce devices using the new OS. All the phones are said to be released by the 2010 holiday season. Gallery is below.

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