Windows Live attempts to buy your search

Microsoft has now launched a "cashback" service on its Windows Live search service that would see users getting discounts for products they buy using the search engine.

This is the latest attempt to get some market share, being behind Google and Yahoo. Windows Live Search is the successor of MSN Search, which Microsoft spun off with the other MSN services to create online and offline apps to extend the Windows OS.

Those who want the discount will need to sign up for a special cashback account to participate, and the rebates will be issued after 60 days to make sure the products are not returned. The service, however, works only in the US.

It has partnered with some 700 retailers; including some big names like eBay, Barnes & Noble, Sears and Home Depot.

It is also considering a "cashback" scheme for its Live Search Farecast, a service that predicts the airfare.

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