Windows 8 to integrate Ribbon, Metro UI?

Windows 8 to integrate Ribbon, Metro UI?

Image leaks of Windows 8 have revealed that Microsoft plans to integrate the Metro UI from Windows Phone 7 for its welcome screen and further integrate its Ribbon UI (found in Office and in many of the core apps) into Windows Explorer.

Posted by Rafel Rivera and Paul Thurrott, the first of these leaks were published on April Fools Day, April 1, but have been independently confirmed to be fact. Both note for the welcome screen that, for tablet devices, users will be able to login using a pattern, and will be able to support audio controls – so music controls will be present even if your machine is locked – a la iOS.

The Ribbon toolbar is set to get even further integrated into the Windows Shell, after previously found in core applications and Office. While apparently controversial inside Redmond, the interface was designed to replace the shortcuts and allow users to find previously hidden functionality.

The Ribbon interface, albeit taking up some real estate, will allow users to do a similar thing on Explorer. The images, however, highlight it is still a work in progress.

So what do you think about the new Ribbon interface on Windows 8? Like it, or hate it? Do tell us in your comments.

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