So, who are the Wikileaks Party preferencing in the WA Senate Election?

So, who are the Wikileaks Party preferencing in the WA Senate Election?

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Western Australians are going back to the polls on April 5 to pick their six state senators again, after the Australian Electoral Commission lost 1370 ballot papers during a recount. Given the last election was decided purely on preferences, we decided to have a look at one party’s group voting ticket if you decide to vote “above the line” – the Wikileaks Party.

Why choose them? If you remember last year’s federal election, the Wikileaks Party imploded after controversial decisions in their Senate preferences – where they decided to preference far-right groups ahead of The Greens in NSW, and The Nationals ahead of Scott Ludlam in Western Australia.

As well, the Wikileaks Party have managed to get the number one position on the Senate ballot paper – which almost guarantees the party getting more votes in this election because of people deciding to donkey vote.

So, where will my vote go if I put 1 on the Wikileaks Party?

Like usual, the Wikileaks Party have preferenced many smaller parties before the major parties or those that don’t fit in with its ideology. However, because they’ll most likely be eliminated before the Wikileaks Party – again, due to its donkey vote status – the major parties will likely benefit.

Senator Scott Ludlam for the Greens will benefit the most from the Wikileaks Party’s votes – he is the party’s next preference. If Ludlam does get eliminated, then the next likely person to receive the Wikileaks Party’s votes will be Labor’s Louise Pratt as she was preferenced ahead of her party’s number-one choice.

The full list is below:

1-2 A Wikileaks Party
3 AA Ludlam, S (Greens WA)
4 T Moylan, S (HEMP Party)
5 AE Pattern, F (Sex Party)
6-7 AD Animal Justice
8-9 I Voluntary Euthanasia Party
10 F Pratt, L (Australian Labor Party)
11 AF Bainbridge, A (Socialist Alliance)
12 E Boyd, F (Pirate Party)
13 Q Dropulich, W (Australian Sports Party)
14 AA Cunningham, C (Greens WA)
15 E Allen, M (Pirate Party)
16 AF Jenkins, C (Socialist Alliance)
17-20 AA Greens WA
(in order: James, I; Steele-John, J; Nielsen-Harvey, S; Cullity, J)
21-22 O #Sustainable Population Party
23 T Moylan, T (HEMP Party)
24 AE Coleman, M (Sex Party)
25 Q Lackovic, A (Australian Sports Party)
26-27 D Australian Democrats
28-29 AB DLP Democratic Labour
30-31 Y Secular Party of Australia
32-34 F Australian Labor Party
(in order: Bullock, J; Hill, S; Andric, K)
35-36 AC Katter’s Australian Party
37-38 U Republican Party of Australia
39-41 P Palmer United Party
(in order: Headland, D; Wang, Z; Terblanche, C)
42-43 B The Nationals
44-45 M Mutual Party
46-47 J Liberal Democrats
48-49 C Woolf, R; James, V
50 UG Mubarak, K (Independent)
51-54 R Liberal Party
55-56 K Australian Voice Party
57-58 L Building Australia Party
59-60 N Family First Party
61-62 H Freedom and Prosperity Party
63-64 G Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party
65-66 V Smokers Rights
67-68 W Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
69-70 X Australian Christians
71 UG Van Lieshout, T (Independent)
72-73 AG Outdoor Recreation Party (Stop The Greens)
74-75 S Shooters and Fishers
76-77 Z Rise Up Australia Party

If you are unhappy with what the Wikileaks Party preferenced, then of course you can still vote “below the line”. Of course, this requires you to number all 77 candidates. If you’re planning to do that, we do have a handy guide to help you print your own “how-to vote” card. That way, all you need to do is transfer the numbers from your printed out sheet to the ballot paper.

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