Wiimote gets in touch with its sensitive side, new games announced

Nintendo has announced a new accessory for its Wii console at the E3 Business and Media Summit, the Wii MotionPlus. This accessory, which is to be connected on the Wiimote, will allow the player to do more intutive moves like frisbee throwing. This is to be released with a brand new title called Wii Sports Resort, which will include jet skiing and frisbee throwing.

As well, it announced a new game called Wii Music, which is like a clone of Activision’s Guitar Hero. The new game will use the Wiimote to play the 60 instruments it will feature. It will also sell something called a Wii Speak, a group microphone that will be used within games and online play.

The Wii Speak will sell for US$29.99.

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