Wii to get update before Christmas, loses GameCube compatibility

Wii to get update before Christmas, loses GameCube compatibility

The Nintendo Wii is about to get a redesign with a new bundle with Wii Party and Wii Sports set to be released in the UK. The new “streamlined” body will arrive in stores sometime before Christmas, not before axing some old baggage.

The new console will lose the ability to play GameCube games and those who are using the old GameCube controllers will find themselves out of luck when plugging them into this new console. Nintendo is finally pulling the plug on the GameCube, and so you should move on and, I don’t know, learn how to use a wand-like controller?

Instead, the new bundle will also have the new Wii Remote Plus and a nunchuk – something that is an additional extra. Nintendo has said it will be released in October.

But aren’t they also releasing the Wii U? Well, it’s coming sometime in 2012, but no one knows what it will do or any more specs other than what has been released at E3. We don’t even know what it will be priced. Think of this as bridging the gap between the Wii and the Wii U.

Speculation is that they are trying to revitalise the Wii sales by releasing a new body design, especially when they saw disappointing sales in the Wii. Nintendo is blaming it on a few number of hit titles on the Wii. I say that they are experiencing disappointing sales because almost everyone in the world has the console.

Image: Eurogamer

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