Why Web-Based Tech Is Essential For Growing A Business

Why Web-Based Tech Is Essential For Growing A Business

Growing a business has never been easy, regardless of the era, circumstances, or company type. So many things can go wrong along the way, and anything from financial trouble to hiring problems can lead a startup to failure in months or even weeks.

Today, oddly enough, it’s both easier and harder than ever before — harder in the sense that the competition is fierce and unrelenting, but easier due to the convenience of the online world. In this post, we’re going to look at why web-based technology is such a vital ingredient in the recipe for a successful modern business. Let’s begin.

It accelerates so many processes

Think about everything that goes into growing a business. Getting it off the ground in a technical sense, making the early creative decisions, networking with relevant people, laying the groundwork for expansion — there’s a lot to be done, and how it’s done is hugely significant. Minimising the required time and investment will make all the difference. Small businesses don’t generally have massive budgets or human resources, after all.

Web-based technology allows the acceleration (or even automation) of so many processes. If you need a store built, you don’t need to have it developed at great cost: you can use a free store design tool to assemble it through templates. If you require a fleshed-out set of brand guidelines that can support your content marketing strategy, you can use a tool like Frontify to incrementally cobble together a comprehensive set of brand traits.

It makes remote working straightforward

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working has rapidly gone from an option treated by many managerial types as a deleterious luxury to a necessity. Companies that aren’t able to congregate at their offices have been forced to adapt, and while some businesses have ended up collapsing due to this shift, the bulk of them have been able to get by — and it’s web-based technology that’s made it possible.

Cloud processing allows employees using low-powered home computers to be almost as productive as they would be using expensive work computers. SaaS subscriptions make it possible for them to access the tools they need without any time-consuming installations or compatibility issues. Video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet ensure that vital team meetings can continue to be held.

Even when/if circumstances eventually return to some degree of normalcy, the appeal and practicality of remote working will remain. Entrepreneurs will be able to benefit greatly from mobility when networking nationally (or even internationally). Businesses with very limited budgets can continue to forgo office space entirely and save a lot of money as a result.

It allows highly-targeted marketing

Smart marketing that deploys resources effectively is mission-critical, particularly for a business that only operates in the online world. A classic brick-and-mortar store can get noticed due to its location alone, but a website can be missed in perpetuity if it isn’t promoted properly — and it’s the incredibly targeting potential of online marketing that allows rapid growth.

Consider the zenith of PPC advertising, Facebook Ads. In addition to allowing extensive customisation of the ads, it provides a vast range of targeting options that allows advertisers to reach specific audiences: those who’ve liked certain pages, or tagged particular interests, or even those who work in specific job roles.

Without rich options like PPC (Google Ads is another powerful option, though it’s a little trickier to deploy effectively), owners of small businesses would have to work exponentially harder to achieve comparable results. That touches upon what web-based tech brings to the table in general: smarter and more efficient ways to do what has always been done.

Whether you’re trying to grow a business in the midst of this pandemic, or planning to grow one once life has largely gone back to normal (rather hopeful, admittedly), you’ll need to use web-based tech to do it. There’s simply no good reason to go without it.

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