Why are Mobile Phones the Coolest Gadgets ever?

Why are Mobile Phones the Coolest Gadgets ever?

Over the past couple of decades, technology has made leaps and bounds. It has productively revolutionized the world. This era of machines, gadgets, and most importantly, the internet, all comes under the umbrella of technology. It has changed the way people lived their lives. The thinking perspective of the human race has experienced a huge shift, and due to this shifting of mindsets, people have started to think fundamentally, act rationally, and work productively in this era of digital transformation.

Every new invention comes with its merits and demerits. Technology is one invention, which evolved with more positives than negatives. Some of the highlighted benefits are in the medical sector, industrial sector, and the educational sector. A few of its inventions include internet, robotics, virtual reality, television, the radio, hand-held devices, etc. One of the most common, yet the coolest discoveries of technology, is a Mobile Phone.

Evolution of Mobile Phones, 1973 to 2020:

Slowly and gradually, technology took its turns, and mobile phones started appearing visibly appealing and functionally seamless. From its invention in 1973 till today, a lot has happened to its shape, features, style, design, functions, etc. Starting with a thick antenna device, small screen, flat surface, a few buttons, and a monochromatic look, the mobile phones have been updated to a thinner device with a bigger screen, curved surface, touchpad, wireless charging, and a colourful look.

Back in the 90s, life did exist even without mobile phones. Comparing that era with the 21st century, the existence of the internet and a mobile phone has become a necessity. People cannot even imagine to function and carry out their everyday activities without these two essentials.

This device has become a must-have in this modernized world. Here are a couple of reasons why?

  • Communication: Long-distance relationships know the importance of a mobile phone. To be in touch with your loved ones is necessary. Through the use of multiple applications or cellular networks, communication has been made easier. People stay connected with their family members, friends, colleagues, etc. using a smartphone regardless of location.
  • Entertainment: Audios, videos, and games are sources of entertainment. Many mobile apps serve this purpose of entertaining the users. You can watch videos, movie clips, stories on your cell phone wherever you like. Gaming is probably liked by everyone. Every mobile phone, be it a small flat screen one or a large curved screen, have their built-in games or have the capability of enabling the user to download their favourite games from the App Store or Google Play.

    Social media also plays a huge part in entertaining people. Several social media platforms own mobile apps that are used by people in their leisure time.
  • Storage & Security: The storage capacity of mobile phones varies from model to model. Extra capacity is sometimes allowed using different means. You can store multiple files, pictures, videos, audios, etc. on your mobile phone. The phone also serves the purpose of saving some personal data which remained secured and safe. Safety and security are essential and are the topmost priority of every user.

Varieties of Mobile Phones

With every passing day, talented individuals are being discovered by the tech-world. These geniuses with their creative brains, come up with newer revolutionary ideas of creating stuff that has not yet been made or discovered. Mobile phone companies hire these skilled individuals, and together they do wonders. Their innovative minds propose useful features based on the current need of the users. They try to make this device as productive as possible for everyone, be it students, businessmen, health care workers, social media junkies, or even little kids.

Hundreds of mobile phone companies are registered throughout the world. Each company has its range of cell phones. They launch newer versions now and then with some additional features from the last release. Additional features may include newer software support, better camera, more storage capacity, more colours, or even a new design/shape.

Popular mobile selling companies include Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Nokia, Lenovo, Xiaomi, etc. Each of these has launched several mobile models. Mobile phones from each company are different from one another in terms of battery life, shape, software version, camera quality, storage capacity, etc. All of these features are brought into consideration while buying a new model. The customer selects the phone, which satisfies his/her set of requirements. The price point is another factor that varies the most. The newer the technology, the more expensive it is. Some high-end brands like Apple are mostly used by people who can afford luxuries. This does not mean that there is nothing for those who cannot afford luxury brands as there are multiple pocket-friendly brands available in the market.

Mobile phone, the Coolest gadget

Apart from just making calls and sending messages to your loved ones, mobile phones serve several more important purposes. The ubiquity of smartphones has made them more useful than ever before.

Following is the list of things that prove the usefulness of a mobile phone:

1. Online Shopping: Businesses are taking full advantage of the fact that mobile phones have become a never-ending trend in the world. According to an estimate, there are currently 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world. These companies have developed mobile apps that are downloaded by users on their phones.

Mobile apps have tended to boost up sales for brands and increase brand recognition. Users also look up to stuff that is easier to do. Without any restriction of location, people can shop their favourite items anywhere, anytime. The majority of people prefer effortless ways of getting things done which is why businesses have launched their online portals. 

These online portals are customized by mobile app development companies. Some businesses find it difficult to develop a mobile application that serves the purpose of marketing of their business. An all-in-one mobile application that not only markets the brand’s products but also makes it easier for the company to carry out its operations. Several Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai give their clients the best experience and develop user-friendly mobile apps.

2. Social Media Networking: This internet era has spread its wings far and wide. Networking is important to remain connected with peers. A study claims that by 2021, there will be more than 3 billion people on social media. Therefore, it is safe to say that social media can be used as one of the best marketing tools available today. Many people belonging to different cultures, countries and ages are using these devices to make their life easier and fun.

Several mobile apps have been developed to improve social networking. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are used by most people. Desktop PCs allow users to surf on websites, whereas portable, hand-held devices such as mobile phones allow users to have a better experience of using that same platform in the form of a mobile app.

3. Gaming: The young generation spends most of their time gaming on their phones. Mobile phones have a lot of storage to install games. Though they are not real gaming machines, they offer storage. This feature lets the user download multiple games on a single device.

4. Photography: Social media addicts have a thing about photography. They like to keep their profiles updated with the recent happenings. To capture these, they make the most out of their mobile phones. Instantly taking pictures and editing them using many editing apps and finally uploading them on their feed. Some people use phones for this purpose because day by day, camera features are also enhancing, and people are enjoying it.

5. Time passing tool: A mobile phone is that device which always has a solution for your boredom. If you feel bored, grab your phone and a drink, sit back and relax. During your free time, you can use your phone to get updated about the latest news, know the current weather situation, read online books/novels, play games, randomly scroll through social media, check important emails, chat with a friend, video call a cousin, etc.

Final Words

Humans have entered the era of zeroes and ones where it is all about technology. The biggest invention in the tech world is the invention of the internet. The internet has spread the networking umbrella all over the globe. Another invention that facilitates the internet is the emergence of a mobile phone. It has successfully become the most used device of all time. People of all ages from all walks of life use Mobile phones. Even a man who resides in a village and has no knowledge regarding modern technology uses a phone for basic communication.

A mobile phone might not be a traditional gaming device or a professional photography tool, but it serves both the purposes. Similarly, it offers communication means, fast browsing, online banking, online shopping, etc. to its users so that they experience all these things in one portable device. The popularity of mobile phones has proven that they are the coolest gadget ever.

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