Who wants to buy a $74,500.00 robot dog?

Who wants to buy a $74,500.00 robot dog?

An internet sensation is going up for sale. Yesterday, Boston Dynamics added Spot to its online storefront, making the four-legged robot friend available to anyone that’s willing to spend $74,500 on robotics. Spot comes in three editions, Spot Explorer, Spot Enterprise, and Spot Academic.

Companies can remotely operate Spot via a tablet and fit it with sensors for automated data collection. Operators can also place payloads on Spot to carry across worksites. 

Previously, Spot could only be obtained on special request to a select few industries such as construction, electrical power generation, oil and gas, mining, etc.

Spot from Boston Dynamics

Why would I want a robot dog?

Spot is the four-legged (or “quadruped” as they call it) robot that climbs stairs and traverses rough terrain with ease. Ideally, it can Automate data collection on your site, carry payloads on unstructured or unknown terrain, or perhaps inspect a dangerous/inaccessible environment.

You can already order accessories

We’re not talking about accessories from The Sims here. There is already a range of add-ons available for Spot, including an Awareness Cam (at $21,800.00), which provides a full-colour panoramic view of the robot’s surroundings and communication capabilities, and an Inspection add-on, which comes at a cool additional $29,850.00, which adds tilt and zoom to the Awareness cam.

What’s included with the purchase of Spot?

You get a Spot robot, two batteries, a charger, a tablet controller, a case for the robot and controller, x2 Spot batteries, and a calibration panel.

From the software perspective, developers get access to Python client packages for Spot, with software updates included of course.

Over the coming months we should start to see more about how Spot is used, and the ease of life it is bringing to humans.

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