Who are the Pirate Party preferencing?

Who are the Pirate Party preferencing?

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With all the attention on this year’s election has been on Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott, it’s easy to forget that there is also a Senate election. Yesterday, we covered what parties will receive your vote if you vote for the Wikileaks Party in this year’s Senate election. Today, we’re covering the Pirate Party.

The Pirate Party has opted to do something differently when selecting their preferences for parties – they actually asked its members, not have some committee do it. They asked all parties to give them reasons why they should have the Pirate Party preferenced them. Out of all the parties that are in Parliament, the Greens were the only ones to respond.

Then their members had three days to vote on the order of preferences. Of course, deals were made before the actual results were done – but which parties were based on results prior of closing the preferences ballot. The Pirate Party did a “reciprocal” preference deal with The Greens, the Sex Party and the Wikileaks Party – basically meaning that whatever position they placed the Pirate Party, that would be the position the Pirate Party will place them. That is why you can see the Greens offering second preference to the Pirate Party in both NSW and Tasmania (and vice versa).

It should be noted that there is no deal with the Australian Democrats – despite their unusually high positions in the preference order. This was because, according to the Pirate Party, they believed they were negotiating with the Democrats but their contact did not represent the official party.

“The reciprocation deal between the Pirate Party and the Australian Democrats is considered null and void,” the Pirate Party said in a statement.

It appears since last year, the Australian Democrats have faced a bitter internal fight – with now two parties claiming to be the official party. According to Crikey, this fight was sparked by the resignation of a national secretary last year and the appointment of Darren Churchill as his replacement. Churchill is in charge the AEC-recognised Australian Democrats, while 21-year-old Hayden Ostrom Brown is the national secretary of the ‘Australian Democrats’ that the Pirate Party were negotiating with.

The Pirate Party have referred the matter to the Australian Electoral Commission.

You can see the preferences order in full on their website – and they pretty much align with what the actual preferences listed below (with some changes due to preference deals).


There isn’t anything particular abnormal about its preferences in Victoria, only that a 3-on-3 preference deal with it and Wikileaks has turned out very favourable to the Pirate Party (they’re on number two, as opposed to number 3, on the Wikileaks Party’s preference sheet). The Australian Democrats are their number two – but as stated above, the deal was negotiated with a party claiming to be the Democrats and not the official party themselves.

Group Party
 1 AL Pirate Party
2 AB Australian Democrats
3 AA Wikileaks
4 S The Greens
5 I Secular Party of Australia
6 D Senator Online (Internet Voting Bills/Issues)
7 AC Sex Party
8 R Australian Independents
9 AF Drug Law Reform
10 F Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party
11 U Stop CSG
12 B Liberal Democrats
13 Y Animal Justice Party
14 L Stable Population Party
15 AG Bullet Train for Australia
16 X The AUstralian Republicans
17 K Bank Reform Party
18 P Building Australia Party
19 Q Australian Voice Party
20 AK Socialist Equality Party
21 Z Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party
22 T Toscano J; Matthews, B
23 AJ Nicholls, B; Nicholls, K; Webb, P
24 UG Ungrouped Independents (Gunter, L; Morrison, D)
25 AM DLP Democratic Labour
26 N Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
27 AD Australian Labor Party
28 H Country Alliance
29 O Shooters and Fishers
30 E Liberal/Nationals
31 V Katter’s Australian Party
32 M Smokers Rights
33 W Palmer United Party
34 AE Stop the Greens
35 J No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics
36 AH Australian Christians
37 G Family First
38 AI Citizens Electoral Council
39 A Rise Up Australia Party
40 C One Nation

New South Wales

The Pirate Party’s preferences in New South Wales are interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly, their preferencing of Labor candidates. While they are 30th in the Pirate Party preferences, they have opted to give their number one party pick to Doug Cameron instead of Bob Carr (who is number one on the party list). Carr is preferenced last in the party list on the Pirate Party sheets.

Another interesting choice is splitting the Nationals and Liberals. All the Nationals Senate candidates have been preferenced before their Liberals counterpart (and in party list order). Also preferenced before Liberal are the Shooters and Fishers Party. All Liberal preferences are in party list order.

Group Party
1 AO Pirate Party
2 R The Greens
3 T The Wikileaks Party
4 AF Australian Democrats
5 AP Secular Party of Australia
6 D Senator Online
7 P Sex Party
8 K Future Party
9 AC Australian Independents
10 AD Drug Law Reform
11 G Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party
12 E Voluntary Euthanasia Party
13 AK Stop CSG
14 A Liberal Democrats
15 AA Animal Justice Party
16 AI Stable Population Party
17 H Carers Alliance
18 X Bullet Train for Australia
19 AL The Australian Republicans
20 T Building Australia Party
21 AM Socialist Alliance
22 O Australian Voice
23 AE Socialist Equality Party
24 AQ Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party
25 F Whalan, A; Cooper, P
26 AG Wang, T; O’Toole, D
27 C Democratic Labour Party
28 AN Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting)
29 Q Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
30 M Labor (Cameron, D preferenced first – refer to above)
31 U Uniting Australia Party
32 Y Nationals (refer to above)
33 AJ Shooters and Fishers
34 Y Liberal (refer to above)
35 N Katter’s Australian Party
36 W Smokers Rights
37 S Palmer United Party
38 V Stop The Greens
39 Z Australian Protectionist Party
40 B No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics
41 L Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)
42 AH Family First Party
43 J Rise Up Australia
44 AR One Nation
45 AB Australia First Party
46 UG Ungrouped Independents (Poulsen, R; Ash, D; Nathan, S; La Mela, J)


Like Victoria, the preferences are just ordinary. The Greens are their number three party, while the Australian Democrats are number two. As mentioned above, the Australian Democrats prime position was because of negotiations on what the Pirate Party thought were the real Australian Democrats.

Group Party
1 P Pirate Party 
2 Y Australian Democrats
3 Q The Greens
4 AJ Secular Party of Australia
5 M Senator Online (Internet Voting Bills/Issues)
6 AA Sex Party
7 D Australian Independents
8 E Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party
9 R Stop CSG
10 N Liberal Democrats
11 A Animal Justice Party
12 S Stable Population Party
13 W The Australian Republicans
14 L Building Australia Party
15 F Australian Voice
16 J Socialist Equality Party
17 AH Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party
18 C Keioskie, P; Taylor, R
19 U Rudd, G; Dinsey, E
20 Z Democratic Labour Party (DLP)
21 AF Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
22 G Australian Labor Party
23 AC Uniting Australia Party
24 B Liberal National Party of Queensland
25 AB Shooters and Fishers
26 V Katter’s Australian Party
27 AI Smokers Rights
28 AG Palmer United Party
29 O Stop The Greens
30 K Australian Protectionist Party
31 AE No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics
32 T Australian Christians
33 X Family First
34 AD Rise Up Australia Party
35 H One Nation
36 I Australia First Party


Like New South Wales, the Greens are their number two party. Shooters and Fishers, which in the previous lists have been preferenced after the Liberals/Nationals, have been preferenced just before the Liberals in Tasmania.

Group Party
1 I Pirate Party
2 J Australian Greens
3 N Sex Party
4 O Senator Online (Internet Voting Bills/Issues)
5 M Australian Independents
6 K Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party
7 B Liberal Democrats
8 S Stable Population Party
9 T The Australian Republicans
10 H DLP Democratic Labour
11 R Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
12 C Australian Labor Party
13 A Country Alliance
14 L Shooters and Fishers
15 E Liberal
16 P Katter’s Australian Party
17 U Smokers Rights
18 F Palmer United Party
19 W Stop The Greens
20 Q No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics
21 G Australian Catholics
22 V Family First
23 D Rise Up Australia Party
24 UG Ungrouped Independents (Roberts, A)

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