White iPhone 4 delayed again, hit stores in Spring?

White iPhone 4 delayed again, hit stores in Spring?

For some reason or another, Apple just can’t get it right when it comes with the white version of the iPhone 4. It missed the original date of July, and was given another delay to the end of this year. Now, Cupertino has given a release date for the long-waited device: Spring. Next year.

Or in our case, Autumn.

Apple hasn’t disclosed why the white version has been a pain to manufacturer, given that it is essentially the same iPhone with just a different colour. Some sites have stated that it could be the problem with the Apple logo’s backlight on the device.

Despite the lack of the white version and the negative press of several flaws that points to a rushed launch, the black version has sold tremendously, with a 91 percent increase last quarter, according to Apple’s financial statements for this financial year. This is thanks to the recent push of the latest incarnation of the phone to 89 countries, including in China.

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