Whirlpool acquired by ninemsn

Leading technology and broadband discussion forum Whirlpool have announced that they have been acquired by ninemsn.

This, according to the press release on the front page, “demonstrates the strategic importance of user-powered content to ninemsn’s vision of delivering content and services to customers” at any place, time or location. Tony Faure, CEO of ninemsn, said that the site represents the changing face of the media.

“More and more consumers are turning to sites such as Whirlpool for up to date information, research and discussion. Whirlpool will provide us access to a diverse and technologically aware user base, and allow us in turn to provide our clients with an innovative and cutting-edge marketing solution,” he said in the press release.

He also added that there would be ‘synergy’ between Whirlpool and Windows Live Spaces, saying that they both allow you to contact friends and discover new people.

The founder of Whirlpool, Simon Wright, said that “Whirlpool has gone further than I ever imagined. It’s been great to see it become what it is today — the premier resource on broadband and technology-based discussion in Australia.”

“Now, as it moves into its next phase, I’m looking forward to seeing ninemsn apply their proven track record to the Whirlpool concept.”

Though users are not impressed with the new acquisition, with many saying its “selling out”. As well, forum postings related to the acquisition have been deleted and pointing to a thread telling them to go to the front page.

However, it is unknown if this is true or not as it was announced on April Fools Day; but we will see for tomorrow. However, if it is true, then Whirlpool could see a backlash of users leaving or even starting a competitor to Whirlpool.

Also unveiled was a brand new design to match the current ninemsn look.

ninemsn is a partnership between PBL Media and Microsoft, and claims that 8.6 million Australians visit the site.

Update [12:36]: It has been announced as an April Fools Joke. Sorry.

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