Where and Why to Learn VR Application Development

Where and Why to Learn VR Application Development

Virtual Reality (VR) entails a variety of technical aspects that deliver an exceedingly immersive experience to its users. It is commonly used with a VR headset that shuns out the entire world and places the user in a digital one where he can play any desired game. 

The latest developments, like the Apple glasses, are working on revolutionizing VR inventions. These glasses can be worn on an everyday basis and they offer an experience similar to Tony Stark’s on Iron Man. Why should you learn VR Application Development and where can this be done? 

Why should you learn VR Application Development?

A couple of years ago, the VR sector seemed to be limited to gamers that had a lot of money to waste. That was back when this technology was only used by gaming fanatics that wanted an immersive experience. 

The VR headsets were too expensive and there was not much to do with them except for watching movies and playing games. As years progressed, there are other functionalities of VR applications that have been discovered and as a result, the demand for this technology has dramatically increased. 

Students should study VR because it can make them more employable in several industries like the education, fashion, and health sector. If you are pursuing some other course on the side and lack time, there are ways like using professional essay writers to do your academic assignments.

Relying on a reputed custom paper writing service to focus on both the course is a good idea and it’s implemented by thousands of students worldwide. The professional writers can help you with everything from the thesis, essays, research papers, routine coursework, presentations, and any other writing work that you need any hour of the day.

There are countless applications of VR, and many industries are joining the club in using this technology. Here are the best places to study courses related to virtual reality.


Coursera has the best VR app development courses. The Introduction to Augmented Reality and ARCore is a course that can be completed using Coursera. There is a lot of video material involved in this course that takes generally takes just a little over four weeks. 

You can get a clear baseline of how to develop AR/VR enabled apps and how to make them more immersive using ARCore. If you would like to study the course just for fun or to acquire knowledge, access to it can be gained for free. 

Whereas if you would like to be more employable using this course by getting a certificate of completion, there is an additional cost of $29. You will get a lot of hands-on experience because the course has numerous practice exercises. There are also other VR courses suggested by this course that you can take to get a deeper understanding of developing virtual reality applications.


Coursesity has many VR-related app development courses that introduce students to the basics of AR/VR. During the course, students learn how to create realistic 3D models that are suitable for an immersive AR/VR experience. 

Amongst other courses, some teach you how to use Unity 3D to develop VR apps. You can get free access to this course and that unlocks a lot of study material to go through. Unfortunately, the free access does not award you a certificate upon completion, to get certified, there is a cost of $99. 

Also, free access has some limitations and that makes the paid version far better. The course material has many videos and practice exercises that make learning VR much simpler and more practical.


Edx.org was founded by the best educational institutions in the world, MIT and Harvard, back in 2012. Amongst the many interesting courses that you can take on this online learning platform, there is a VR app development course. 

The name of this course is the Professional Program Certificate in Virtual Reality App Development. You can take up this course and learn VR app development skills and techniques during an 18-week period. It is up to you to choose between studying on a full-time or part-time basis.

The technical dissertation writers at an assignment service suggest that to enhance your knowledge about VR, pursue a professional certificate that takes 5 months to complete. The certification course costs just under $270 and will teach you all about using OpenGL, Unity 3D, and VR hardware.

EON Reality

EON Reality, at first glance, can be considered a platform where VR fans post their work and other people can access them just for fun. The truth is, on this platform, there is a lot you can learn from professional VR developers. When they post their work, there is a huge opportunity for you to learn from the apps developed. 

There are thousands of VR experiences published on this site that you can choose to learn from. If you would like to test your knowledge about VR application development, there is a lot of inspiration that can be drawn from EON Reality. 

Another great feature of this platform is that you can participate in the Global contests hosted by the site. You can use this platform on both desktop and mobile devices because of its responsiveness.

LinkedIn Learning through Lynda

Lynda.com has a course titled Virtual Reality Foundations that teaches students the fundamentals of VR. During the course, you will learn how to start developing VR applications and other content powered by this technology.  

The developer of this course is Craig Barr, who has numerous other VR courses on this site. Another one of his courses is titled Virtual Reality Over for Developers that teaches students the tools needed to develop VR apps. 

From his other course, you can also learn how to develop VR solutions for Android devices using Google VR. You can start the course using a 30-day trial, and after that, there is a subscription fee that is required to continue with this service. The subscription starts at $25 per month for the basic membership.


Udacity has a nanodegree program specifically designed for individuals that would love to learn more about VR. The course is titled a VR Mobile Nanodegree program and helps interested individuals learn more about developing apps using this technology. 

Its primary focus is mobile development using C# and the core Unity game engine. It takes a total of 4 months and during that time, you will learn a lot about VR, including interface design, user testing, and other fundamental information. There are many career prospects unlocked by this course and it does not have a lot of prerequisites.

The only prerequisites are intermediate computer skills and some information about Unity as well as object-oriented programming. On Udacity, you can also get an introductory course to Virtual Reality designed by Google VR.


Packt has a very engaging course that you can study called Building your first VR experience with Unity. The course is designed for absolute beginners that are interested in learning more about VR app development. 

With only $125, you can get an amazing learning experience that teaches practical skills right from the get-go. You will have the skills to develop games and other virtual reality experiences using the Unity program. It teaches you the principles of designing a simple UI for the development of a VR-powered app.

Students are equipped with skills primarily based on Unity 5.6 and with Android, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive capabilities. The course runs for just over 5 hours but is very informative and has all the fundamental skills to teach to students.


Udemy offers a variety of VR-related courses that start at $10 only. Every course teaches greatly about this technology and developing apps that support it. You can learn how to develop games for VR headsets such as Oculus, HTC Vive, Gear VR, and Google Cardboard.  

Students can test their knowledge by practical example exercises during the course. The practical learning method allows students to absorb the information they have learned and see how theoretic lessons can be used practically.

You can also take other advanced courses that teach students how to develop programs related to the Internet of Things. Regardless of the field you would like to join with your VR app development skills, there is the perfect course to achieve that goal on Udemy.


Skillshare is a virtual learning platform that students can use to learn VR app development. The learning platform has a course titled VFX and Virtual Reality Theory Basics. 

During the course, you will learn a lot about visual effects and how it relates or bisects with VR development. When you complete the course, there will be a lot of knowledge acquired regarding the development of immersive and stunning VR visuals. 

On Skillshare, you can find a lot of other courses relating to designing visuals for VR purposes. The courses available on this platform are taught by industry professionals that have the necessary qualifications and expertise.

The bottom line

Virtual Reality is dominating a lot of industries now and you should join this movement by filling the gaps in the market. There is a huge demand for equipped VR app developers and you can help in filling this gap. You can start by studying a course that will teach the basics of VR and then progress as time goes. Ensure that the course you choose meets your goals and that if offers enough practical exercises.

About the Author: Alice Jones is a San Francisco, CA-based experienced academic writer and editor currently working for a premier professional essay writing service with a tremendous track-record of providing students with a high-quality thesis, essays, research papers, and term papers. She is an MBA from The University of San Francisco and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. from there.

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