What is DatPiff?

What is DatPiff?

Are you a fan of mixtapes, more for the sharing part than the commercial part? You would be interested to know that DatPiff is your saviour!

DatPiff is a free to use mixtape sharing website, how free? You can even listen to Mac Miller’s Faces mixtape. But that’s not all, Mac Miller as endorsed DatPiff by sharing over and over again on that platform.

Originally launched in 2005 by a Marcus Frasier, and it is still kicking on in 2020. That’s 15 years on the internet, thriving.

Premium is optional for DatPiff to unlock unlimited downloads. However non-premium users can still download a limited amount of non-sponsored videos every day. Plus, all sponsored content – as in content covered by the artist or label – is free.

Many people still claim to continue using the platform while responding to XXL Magazine.

The Future of DatPiff

It’s obvious a lot has changed in 15 years. With the likes of Prime Music, Spotify, and Apple Music, there is a lot of competition in the area. But theres one niche these competitors aren’t hitting, and thats mixtapes.

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