Welcome to techgeek.com.au

Hello there,

If you have been wondering what happened and why have you been redirected to this new site, well this is our new home. TECHGEEEK.com.au should be much better than techgeek.reawaken.info.

If you can bother remembering this address, then it should redirect you to techgeek.com.au. We are still working out the kinks out of this new design as this is a public environment and not in the server where this got designed.

And I should now note that this is NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE!

Ironically, this is actually the first year celebration too. Even though are archives go to March, we actually started in April; though March was my own TECHGEEK before everything happened.

As well, writers will have noticed a new admin interface; well this is from our updated WordPress version 2.5, where they have radically redesigned it. Stewart hates it, though.

So enjoy and if you do have any problems with the design, like graphics not loading or some things are out of place, please do comment below.

Terence Huynh
Editor in Chief – that’s actually better than Head Editor.

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