We now live in a World Where Robots Flip Patties

We now live in a World Where Robots Flip Patties

If there was one thing we were all dreaming of while growing up, it was a robot that would flip patties for making burgers. Miso Robotics has shown off it’s fabulous patty flipping robot.

Flippy does more than just flip patties though. Its goal is to replace all risky jobs in the kitchen, such as using a deep fryer. Not only does it replace dangerous jobs, and increase productivity, it’s set to create an increase in profit margins of around 300%.

The robot’s current customers include CaliBurger, LA Dodgers, and the Arizona Diamondbacks. You can check out Flippy at CaliBurger today in Pasadena (if you feel like make a trip) which boasts its “Flippy burger” experience!

Currently open for investment in its Series C raising over 3 million USD. By 2023 they’re expecting to have over 5,000 units sold.

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