We Are Hunted redesigns, becomes scrollable

We Are Hunted redesigns, becomes scrollable

We Are Hunted, a site we covered before that allows you to listen to music for free (albeit mostly indie bands, but so does Triple J), has launched a brand new redesign that keeps its 99-song grid and pushes its community features up in front of the user.

The grid remains the same, but now rather than flicking through pages, you simply hover your mouse to either side of the page to move left or right. Also, though I’m not sure if this was a new addition, you can now control the music via your keyboard, which makes it a bit more attractive to play on larger screens. Pressing up or down will control volume, and pressing left or right will go to the next or previous track in the current playlist.

The player also moves from being on top to now being on the bottom. It has also been improved with larger buttons downloading, sharing and controlling the music. Next to it, users can now add comments to the song they are listening to, and able to view what others have said about the track.

Navigation has moved to the top of the page, and navigating between charts have been made easier. Now, you can listen to the top 99 songs of emerging songs, mainstream songs, remixes and by genre. They have also made changes to user playlists, making it a bit more prominent.

Other changes include a streamlined artist search and a new artists page that adds a bit more information.

You can go check it out at wearehunted.com. Did we mention they are Australian?

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