Wait, what? We've redesigned... again?

Wait, what? We've redesigned... again?

Oh look at that, we’ve changed our look – again? I know what you would be thinking: “Didn’t you launch like a major redesign like six months ago?” Well, yes. However, we’ve decided to use this time to be a bit radical and up heave the old design and replace it with this.

That, and to piss off Stewart while he’s in New Zealand.

Yes, while there will be elements that are the same, such as the navigation and the layout with blog posts and the sidebar, we’ve changed our featured articles pane. It’s no longer a slider. It’s is now an array of stories, with the largest one being the latest featured story. We’ve found that most people were not clicking further than 3 ‘slides’, and so we’ve decided to change it. Now, your first look is the array of stories, followed by the latest episodes of our two podcasts – TECHGEEK Weekly and Gadgetlyst Bytes.

In addition, the site is CODED IN HTML5! Yes, we’ve decided to jump ship from XHTML to HTML5, despite still being in draft form. We found that some things we can achieve easily with HTML5 and CSS3 – like the gradient of the container you are viewing this, in addition with stuff we could add in the future. Plus, it gives the foundations of further revisions using HTML5.

Because of that, techgeek.com.au will only be supporting the latest and the first-previous versions of all major browsers. This means, for Internet Explorer users, we’re stopping support for IE7 and IE6. All users should upgrade to the next version of their browser, because our site will now break any other browser outside what we have mentioned. I understand it may be a pain for some, but because HTML5 is supported in the latest browsers, we’ve had to make this decision.

Also, another big change is the renaming of our “Tips and Tricks” to “How-To”. It will still give you tips, tricks and how-to content, but the renaming was because we just wanted something precise and to fit in the navigation.

Any bugs on the site, feel free to send them via Twitter or comment below – and yes, there are some design inconsistencies in the comments. We’re adding styling to those bits.

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