Vodafone dealer axed after revelations of customer deception

Vodafone dealer axed after revelations of customer deception

Image: chispita_666/Flickr

Vodafone dealer Communications Direct has sacked up to 40 jobs in its call centre after the mobile provider severed its relationship with the company in response to an investigation revealing misuse of the Vodafone customer database.

Staff at the company were told at a meeting that all would be losing their jobs after Vodafone terminated the relationship.

Vodafone has confirmed that it had axed the dealer arrangement “due to alleged business practices that breached the terms of its dealer agreement” today.

The move comes after a Sydney Morning Herald investigation revealed that the dealer was using the much-controversial Vodafone customer database to cancel accounts so they could sign new ones with higher commissions. In some cases, Vodafone did not close the old accounts, leaving customers with multiple accounts and multiple charges – with the customer in the dark.

Staff of Communications Direct were also revealed to have forwarded detailed call records of several customers to outsiders. As well, the investigation revealed another technique of “SIM stacking”, where extra numbers were added to a customer’s account without their knowledge in order to earn more commissions and hit their monthly connection targets.

The company, which touts itself as the “largest premium provider” on the Vodafone network, has pulled its website.

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