Vodafone customers to launch class action suit

Vodafone customers to launch class action suit

Constant drop outs, poor data performance and reception issues have seen Vodafone have a nasty headache for the year, but now its going to get worse – with customers launching a class action lawsuit against the carrier after failing to resolve the problems in an efficient manner.

The law firm PiperAlderman is leading the class action suit, and have launched a website trying to get complaining customers to get compensation for the problems.

“Customers who signed up with Vodafone over the last three years may be entitled to compensation if they were misled into signing contracts or if Vodafone did not live up to its end of the bargain,” it notes.

Vodafone has stated that the problems were software bugs, not their network, but was forced to admit some other issues when people complained about the network on Vodafail.com, among a variety of other forums. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has already begun an investigation into the matter.

Problems such as constant drop outs and reception issues, even as simple as sending out a text message, have plagued both consumers and businesses, and others report not able to call emergency services. That would be bad.

In an email, Nigel Dews, CEO of Vodafone Hutchinson Australia, said, “It’s obviously very disappointing to hear that a legal firm is using this to drum up business.” That is according to a leaked email to staff members from Vodafone, seen by Fairfax Media.

Vodafone, however, appears to simply pushing advertising instead of repairing its network, with millions going to being a primary sponsor for the cricket, including The Ashes. Maybe it’s about time to start repairing that network, or you’re not going to be a mobile carrier anymore,

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