Vodafone class action suit attracts 9,000; company still tries to fix network

Vodafone class action suit attracts 9,000; company still tries to fix network

The class action lawsuit initiated by Sydney-based law firm Piper Alderman against Vodafone has attracted 9,000 customers who hope to seek compensation, as Vodafone announced that it has been working around the clock to fix the problem.

The class action suit was brought against Vodafone last month after customers complained against the company’s network performance that has resulted in dropped calls, bad reception and poor data performance across its network.

“In the next five to ten business days, we will be sending group members a request for further information relating to their specific circumstances,” Piper Alderman wrote on its page about the class action suit.

“The next steps are for us to gather and process the information provided by group members, identify legal claims available to group members, identify the value of the claims, and apply for litigation funding. Upon successfully obtaining litigation funding, we will work with the funder to prepare a claim to be filed in court.”

In a blog post, Cormac Hodgkinson, director of Customer Service and Experience at Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA), said that the company is to build or upgrade more than 2,500 base stations in order to rectify the network problems.

“Between January and March, we will be adding new sites or upgrading existing sites in both our 850MHz network and our 2100MHz network, within metro areas – in total approximately 141 sites,” Hodgkinson wrote.

“These improvements focus on areas where there is either high traffic where capacity is a priority (which will help with data performance) or in areas where coverage is a priority (which will help with general coverage).”

The company has also since launched a number of “task force teams” in order to rectify current network issues.

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