Vodafone Australia confirms Nexus One is coming

Vodafone Australia confirms Nexus One is coming

Vodafone Hutchison Australia has told ZDNet that it will sell the Google Nexus One phone “sometime [in] 2010”. This comes hot off the heels of Google’s announcement two days ago that Vodafone will be responsible in selling the phone in Europe.

VHA has also confirmed that the Vodafone deal covers all geographies where Vodafone is covered. This means that those in New Zealand will also get it under Vodafone, though they haven’t release the actual date yet either.

“Details relating to Vodafone’s Australian launch of Google Nexus One will be announced in due course,” a VHA statement to ZDNet writer Liam Tung said.

The UK launch is set to be within a few weeks, followed by other countries in Europe where Vodafone currently has business in. It is already on sale for T-Mobile customers in the US, and outright by Google in the US, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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