Vodafone admits to poor 3G coverage

Vodafone admits to poor 3G coverage

Vodafone Hutchison Australia has admitted that their 3G coverage hasn’t been up to scratch and that their response to the issue has been poor. Many Vodafone customers have complained about poor reception or slow 3G speeds in both metropolitan and regional areas with the problems also increasing every week.

Vodafone chief technical officer Michael Young has said that VHA was aware of the issue nearly 5 weeks beforehand. The issue appeared after a software update had been applied to their systems which has caused instability.

A whopping 44 pages have appeared on the popular broadband forum, Whirlpool, regarding the slow, poor reception. Even though this thread has been open for 4 weeks, VHA have only just advised customers on the forum of the issue. A spokeswoman from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman office has said that if providers are aware of a performance issue, they must notify customers of the issue even if the issue is short term.

Customers who are unable to resolve phone issues should contact the TIO on 1800 062 058.

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