Virtual Console Service on the WiiU

Virtual Console Service on the WiiU


During the Nintendo Direct this morning, Satoru Iwata announced WiiU’s verion of the Virtual Console, allowing people to play classic Nintendo, Super Nintendo games on their WiiU. What does this mean? Nostalgia City.

Although most games won’t be available at the time of the Virtual Console’s launch, we will be able to play SNES, and later on Gameboy Advance games not only on the WiiU, but also off-TV using the Gamepad. The Virtual Console will be available after the ‘Spring Update’ (Autumn for AUS), and although you have to transfer the games from the Wii VC onto the WiiU version, there will be a discounted price for each Wii Virtual Console game you already own. Depending on the price, you can get NES and SNES games for under $2!

Although a limited number of games will be available in the first few months, players will already be occupied with the amount of games that are already available for the Wii VC. It was also announced that game progress can be saved, and that some games will have their own communities on Miiverse. And to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Nintendo is have started discounting classic NES games for 30 cents, for 30 days, from now until July, with a new title every month.



Above is the lineup for US WiiU owners, whilst Japanese Users will also be able to get Mother 2 (US version, Earthbound)

Hopefully the Virtual Console can fill the void as we wait for new WiiU titles being announced at E3 2013, including a new Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart game.

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